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True Leaf Pet is a subsidiary of True Leaf Medicine International Ltd (CSE: MJ), Founded in 2013, True Leaf’s main business is the production and distribution of hemp based pet products, including chews and shampoo which has experienced strong growth since inception fueled by a global expansion in the company’s distribution network.

The company is in final review process for obtaining a license to grow cannabis and in turn further research cannabis health products for distribution which could provide tremendous future growth prospects given the companies current position in the marketplace. True Leaf is committed to products that are legal or they have obtained a license to utilize to avoid operating in a grey area as many cannabis producers currently do. The recent development toward a licensing agreement with the government is thus a milestone in the company’s future projection to be a major influence in the cannabis production industry with construction of a state of the art facility here in BC.

Shares of True Leaf responded favorably to the news today rising 20% in Canada and over 30% in Germany. Given the current valuation of the company combined with strong business fundamentals further upside is anticipated in the share price over the short term. The company has a strong presence in the European market given their relationship with Zimtu Capital Corp. Here is a breakdown of today’s trading volumes in both Canada and Germany:


CSE: 1,572,806 shares


Berlin: 1,000

Xetra: 347,182

Frankfurt: 51,700

Munich: 4,000

Stuttgart: 196,500


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